Aug 6 Radiation Safety

  • Sun, Aug 06, 2023 | 9:00 AM - Sun, Aug 06, 2023 | 6:00 PM
  • Location: Redwood City Dental Institute
  • Address: 20 Birch Street, Redwood City, 94062, CA
  • Directions

6   9am-6pm
Aug 27 9am-6pm

  Redwood City Dental Institute is providing a Dental Board-approved 32-hours radiation safety course.  This is a 2-day, in-person course.  The successful completion of the California State radiography requirements will be recognized by awarding a Radiation Safety Certificate approved by the Dental Board of California.  Your training in dental radiology (X-ray) will include taking radiographs on manikins and eventually on four (4) human patients.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS  For safety purposes, you must not take this course if you are pregnant. You will be responsible for recruiting your (4) human patients. The recruited patients must have a written prescription (Rx) from their dentist in order to qualify to have a full-mouth survey of radiographs taken by you. If your patients do not have a family dentist, make arrangements for them to see your employer (dentist) or your family dentist.

COURSE PREREQUISITES  Following are the steps students must complete prior to the first day of the course:

  1. Must have completed the 8-Hour Infection Control Course
  2. Must have completed and signed a prescription/medical/health history and consent form, prior to exposure
  3. Must purchase your own Double Pack Film (Size #2)
  4. Must select (4) human patients who: have their adult dentition, with a minimum of 24-28 teeth have no fixed orthodontic appliances are 18 years and older have been seen by a dentist to determine that there is a need for full mouth series of X-rays (FMX) for diagnostic purposes have not had radiographs taken within the last year (12 months) have completed and signed a prescription/medical/health history and consent form, prior to exposure are not pregnant


  1. Radiation physics and biology
  2. Radiation protection and safety
  3. Recognition of normal anatomical landmarks and abnormal conditions of the oral cavity as they relate to dental radiographs
  4. Radiograph exposure and processing techniques using either manual or automatic methods
  5. Radiograph mounting or sequencing, and viewing, including anatomical landmarks of the oral cavity
  6. Intraoral techniques and dental radiograph armamentaria, including holding devices
  7. Interproximal examination including principles of exposure, methods of retention and evaluation
  8. Intraoral examination including, principles of exposure, methods of retention and evaluation.
  9. Identification and correction of faulty radiographs
  10. Supplemental techniques including the optional use of computerized digital radiography
  11. Infection control in dental radiographic procedures
  12. Radiographic record management. Students may be given the opportunity to obtain credit by the use of challenge examinations and other methods of evaluation.

What to Bring

Your own clinical jacket, box of exam gloves in your size, surgical face masks (at least 3) and protective eyewear, (face shield or safety glasses), Double Pack Film (Size #2).