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Improve Patient Health (and Loyalty) by Setting a Healthy Example
The benefit of becoming physically fit and healthy for the dental professional transcends a nicer reflection in your bathroom mirror. It has the ability to enhance every aspect of your personal and professional life. Every one of us would love to be the kind of leader that inspires their team to have a bigger vision for their jobs and their lives. Here’s a helping hand for those of us who find lighting the torch of leadership in our offices a challenge: People are more likely to listen to, vote for, follow, and be led by people who are more fit and healthy. ~Why Some People Lead, Why Others Follow, and Why It Matters by Mark van Vugt 2010 © Harper Collins
Wellness: The Value Added Practice
10 Powerful Reasons for Dentists to Get Fit
7 Things That Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts
Value of Sleep
Resistance Training

Encourage Healthy Habits  Verbally:  Flossing Daily Among Health Advice For Longevity TIME(11/5) reports one unexpected way to add years to your life is to floss daily - not only to get rid of food trapped between your teeth but … to reduce low-grade inflammation caused by periodontal disease  “which increases the risk of early heart attack and stroke.” 
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