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C-Dental X-Ray

C Dental Radiographic & Photographic Precision Dental

Julia Peck

Julia Peck, Operations Manager


424 N. San Mateo Dr., Ste 100
San Mateo, CA 94403
695 Oak Grove Ave., Ste 330
Menlo Park, CA 94025
505 South Dr., Ste. 7
Mountain View, CA 94040
450 Sutter St., Ste 1542
San Francisco, CA 94108
362 West Portal Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94127
Mobile 3D Imaging Services  877.437.0761


C-Dental has provided the bay area dental community with quality imaging services for over 70 years. We offer individual radiographs, package surveys and Cone Beam CT surveys to support the treatment planning needs of all the dental modalities including general dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery. We are dedicated to the technological advancement and innovation of dental and maxillofacial imaging.

"Quality Imaging Services for Over 70 Years"


Yaeger Dental Supply

Yeager Dental

Tim Yeager

Tim Yaeger
517 Marine View, Suite J
Belmont, CA 94002
650.593.5100 650.593.1331 fax

A service leader in the Bay Area since 1977, we strive to provide you with excellent equipment selection, the best technicians, extended warranties on new equipment, free installation most of the time, and competitive prices. Our task-oriented team focuses on our customers' well-being as a daily improvement goal. Yaeger Dental offers personal care not always found in the big corporations of our field.

Dental & Medical Counsel, PC

Dental & Medical Counsel: A Professional Law Corporation

Dental & Medical Counsel, PC


Ali Oromchian, Esq.

Ali Oromchian, Esq.
111 Deerwood Rd
San Ramon, CA 94583


Dental & Medical Counsel provides a single resource for dealing with the host of interrelated legal issues facing doctors today by providing a wide range of services, including practice transitions, partnerships, employment agreements and manuals, lease reviews, real estate purchases, estate planning, trademarks, and incorporations. Dental & Medical Counsel also provides litigation services for doctors in business and employment law disputes.

Next Level Consultants

Next Level Consultants

Next Level Consultants


Debra Llama

Debra Llama, RDA


Coach, Consultant

With Next Level Consultants, your personal and professional goals aren’t just aspirational, they’re eventual.

Our mission is to help doctors take care of everything they weren’t taught in school, namely, running a practice and making it a successful business. Whether you’re thinking about buying a practice, starting one from scratch, or just want to optimize the one you’re currently in, the team at Next Level has the knowledge and experience to get you where you want to go.



Buyer Representation
Dental Start-Up Practice Consulting
Dental Practice Management

Supply Doc

Amin Amirkhizi
President & CEO

Supply Doc was founded in 2009 to provide dental offices with a wide range of dental products with the highest quality both in manufacturing and distribution. I am delighted you are taking the time to explore our new website.

We have worked round the clock to bring this new platform for your personal use. I am proud of our reputation – rooted in the firm belief that integrity and trust are paramount in any relationship.

Our team appreciates the company’s warm family atmosphere, and it is those same fundamental principles and values combined with the company’s vast knowledge and expertise that we offer you every day. We remain committed to fostering and establishing new relationships.

Supply Doc is an “Authorized Distributor” of over 300 brands including but not limited to: 3M ESPE, Septodont, Coltene WhaleDent, Kuraray America, Oral-B, DMG America, Johnson & Johnson, Sultan HealthCare, Crosstex, Star Dental, Bien Air,  Shofu, SciCan, Belmont, Forest Dental, J-Morita, Vatech, TechWest, Danville Material, PulpDent, SDI and many more.


Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare

Matthew Ochs

Matthew Ochs

Nobel Biocare is a leading innovator of implant-based dental restorations. We work every day to perfect every aspect of esthetic dentistry for our customers, and their patients, around the world.

Roam Commercial Realty

Roam Commercial Realty

Roam Commercial Realty

Foad Ahmadi

Foad Ahmadi, Broker

We're not good at treating patients. And let's face it, you are not an expert in the art of real estate negotiations. At ROAM, we specialize exclusively in tenant and buyer representation for healthcare clients. We NEVER represent landlords or sellers, which removes any conflict and ensures your interests always come first. So relax, we've got you covered.

Of course we handle real estate negotiations and transactions. But this isn't just real estate. This is real estate unbound. That means a huge part of our job is to take our clients' ideas and aspirations, and find a way to make them a reality. We can help you navigate the process, no problem. But what we really offer is a chance for you to live your dream, now.

Bank of America Practice Solutions


Bank of America Practice Solutions

CJ Williams, Vice President Healthcare Financing

CJ Williams, Vice President Healthcare Financing
2700 Walnut Blvd
Walnut Creek, CA 94596


Forrest Wiederman, Vice President Dental Financing

Forrest Wiederman, Vice President Dental Financing

When you need financing for your dental practice, you want to work with someone who understands your industry. For over twenty years, Bank of America Practice Solutions has helped dentists across the nation reach their goals through smart financial solutions and expert guidance. Whether you own a practice or are just getting started, we can provide customized financial help for your short-term needs and long-term aspirations.

Nimbus Dental

Jonathan Klein, Director of Operations

The NIMBUS® MICROFINE® was created by a periodontist to provide the optimal safety for gums and tooth surfaces, while providing effective and efficient plaque removal. The "Do No Harm" principle is built into the design of every toothbrush.


The Nimbus® Microfine® toothbrush uses a unique two level Extra Soft Bristle design: Longer tapered bristles which gently and effectively reach into those critical areas between teeth and gums, clearing away plaque and debris.  Accompanied by shorter supportive bristles that help brush away remaining particles.

Clinical and laboratory studies have shown that Extra Soft Tapered Bristles were more effective than standard bristles.  Hence, the Nimbus Extra Soft Microfine Design. 



Swiss Monkey

Swiss Monkey


Christine Sinson

Christine Sison

At Swiss Monkey, we know you just don't fix teeth or create smiles. You change lives. You provide your patients with hope and confidence. You're committed to their optimal well-being. Here at Swiss Monkey, our mission goes beyond making you more profitable.

We're driven by our vision to help you build your dream practice. We want to connect you to the best talent – whether they're working in or out of your office. We know that running a practice while being the dentist is hard (to put it mildly!) but that together, we can help you build a thriving, successful office. We're here to let you know you are not alone and that we are here to help. We hope to have the pleasure to serve you.

Long Term Care Resources Pacific

Long Term Care Resources Pacific

Michael D. Wong, CLTC, DDS

Specialist in Long Term Care Planning

Long-Term Care Resources (LTCR) is a national insurance agency dedicated to long-term care insurance for alumni and professional associations. We are one of the leading, independent long-term care insurance distributors in the country. Since our founding in 1997, we have helped over half a million association members with their long-term care planning needs.


We make long term care insurance simple. Our team knows these products inside and out, and we’ll explain the differences in policies to you in an easy-to-understand conversation. Our goal is to maximize your benefits while keeping costs low. Because we have many years of expertise and several carriers to choose from we offer:

Association discounts
Plans that fit any budget
Strategies on using retirement funds for long term care
Choices for those with health issues or advanced age


The Phillips Group

The Phillips Group

Andrew Phillips
Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

The Phillips Group is a California-based accounting firm that helps dental and medical professionals achieve personal, professional, and financial growth.

Healthcare professionals know how complicated finances can be. That’s why our business, The Phillips Group, is focused on making finances easier to understand. Our mission is to help our clients make sense of their finances so they can focus more on their patients and practice.

We want to give dental and medical professionals the type of advisory they deserve: one that helps them understand their money and eliminates the fears surrounding it.




Dante Harris 
Senior Director Sales & Business Development 

Wellplaece™️ is revolutionizing dental practice management by offering cutting-edge, AI-driven supply procurement solutions. Tailored to serve both small, single-office practices and mid-sized groups, our approach simplifies the complexities of sourcing dental supplies, while saving you significant time, and valuable dollars. We harness AI to optimize your procurement process, ensuring cost-effective, efficient purchasing. This leaves you more time to focus on patient care, elevating your practice's efficiency and profitability. Experience the future of dental practice management today, with Wellplaece™️.



Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health

Your primary goal is to keep your patients safe while running an efficient and profitable practice. We help you do that by providing you with advanced payment and pre-registration technology solutions that synch with your current systems to reduce waiting room times, offer contactless payment options and affordable recurring payments, and put patients in control of their registration process. Less time in the office for them; increased patient loyalty and staff efficiency for you.

Rectangle Health helps healthcare providers of every size to improve efficiencies with payment processing and software solutions to meet patient payment needs, from contactless payments to customized payment plans. Our comprehensive solutions serve all — from a single doctor location with a need for secure payment solutions, to a hospital looking to streamline revenue cycle management, or an association looking for a way to collect member premiums.